Video Analytics for Commercial Security

Improved security and safety at scale with next generation deep learning

Advanced Deep Learning on the Edge

As commercial monitoring scales globally, analyzing video streams is becoming more difficult with standard professional monitoring and the cost of new infrastructure is often prohibitive when exploring technology solutions. Advanced deep learning features like person and vehicle detection either require large servers or expose organizations to data security risks by relying on cloud services. With Xnor's deep learning technology, video analysis can now be done across hundreds of cameras with only a few central CPUs - or even directly on IP camera hardware.

Xnor on Intel's OpenVINO

Xnor's Deep Learning on Intel's OpenVINO


From airports and hospitals, to entertainment venues and office buildings, Xnor’s video analytics solutions use the power of deep learning to improve monitoring across a wide range of environments.

High Performance

For a person and vehicle detection solution, Xnor achieves more than 3000 frames/second on a dedicated i7 processor with no GPU or other acceleration.

Private and Secure

Since Xnor’s analytics run on-device, your data doesn’t need to leave the premises to be processed, so you can maintain the highest level of data security and privacy.


Xnor’s AI can process many video streams simultaneously in real-time without the need for large servers, so monitoring can scale across vast networks without costly hardware upgrades.


Our solutions are optimized for resource-constrained devices and eliminate the need for server and cloud integration, so advanced analytics can be offered at a fraction of the cost.

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The Xnor Difference

Flexible Deployment

Xnor’s AI models can scale down to the smallest hardware, so video analytics can be deployed in a way that fits customer needs - on-camera, on a local server, or even in the cloud.

Hassle-Free Integration

Models are delivered in a linkable library that includes our proprietary, performance-optimized inference engine. Integration with existing solutions is simple and takes just a few lines of code.

Customizable Solutions

Our offerings include development of customer-specific validation sets, training and refinement of models, and access to our continuous stream of accuracy and performance improvements.

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Video Analytics in Action

Xnor's real-time person detection delivers the metadata you need to filter out the important events and improve security efforts. Xnor's technology can also run directly on your existing security infrastructure without the need for cloud services.

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