Xnor AI technology is used across a broad range of industries, products, devices and applications.

Benefits include:

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Minimizes cost

Powerful AI can be deployed as software on everyday, inexpensive products using low-cost commodity hardware

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Scales massively

Solutions inherently distributed to the edge enabling massive scale

Reduces Latency

Reduces latency

Running AI locally radically reduces the latency seen in traditional cloud-based AI

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Safeguards privacy

Data never has to leave the device since processing occurs locally. Xnor delivers powerful AI with no need for the cloud.

Smart home

AI is powering innovative new functionality in the home. Everyday activities such as home security monitoring, unlocking doors, food shopping and baby monitoring become easier and more convenient with AI.

An image of a smart home camera on a bookshelf
An image of a smart door bell

Smart door cameras identify family members, track packages, and alert you of intruders.

An image of a smart fridge

Smart fridges identify food that’s about to expire, help prevent wastage, and suggest items to buy.

An image of a mother placing her baby in a bed

Smart cameras understand what is happening in the room and send intelligent alerts.


Technology has transformed how we read, play games and watch videos. Whether sitting in a coffee shop, at home, or on the go, AI is making how we play games and consume content more experiential and personalized.

A girl wears a VR headset
An image of a group of people wearing VR headsets on a rollercoaster

Head mounted displays deliver life-like augmented and virtual reality with a new level of personalization

An image of an AI enabled TV

AI enabled TVs understand voice commands and deliver personalized video-on-demand recommendations optimized for an enhanced viewing experience

An image of a child holding a toy camera

Smart toys can safeguard privacy while delivering highly personalized and interactive experiences for children

Consumer devices

Mobile phones and consumer electronics are part of everyday life The next phase of innovation, powered by AI, is enabling these products to be smarter, improving how we live, work, and play

An image of two people; one using a smart phone and another using a smart watch
An image of a young women looking at a smart phone

Mid-market mobile phones can now use AI to deliver state-of-the-art photo and video capture and editing features

An image of an ice climber scaling an iceberg

Fitness trackers monitor and provide alerts for life threatening situations and irregular vital signs, even in remote areas with no network connectivity

An image of a person using smart glasses

Smart glasses track scenes, record and automatically edit video


Drones are an essential tool for aerial imaging in everyday use in agriculture, art, real estate, safety and security and many more applications. Xnor AI-powered image anlytics run locally in-flight with no need for IP connectivity.

A drone with a camera flying
A birds-eye view of a home

AI enable drones help real estate companies inexpensively produce slick property videos

A birds-eye view of a tractor tilling a field

Farmers optimize profitability with unmanned drones that monitor the health of crops and livestock

An image of a drone near a mountain side

Search and rescue team save precious time locating people who are trapped or lost


Xnor brings features common in high-end, expensive security equipment to low-cost platforms with no compromise of performance and accuracy.

An image of a security camera
An image of a gas pump

Gas pumps detect tampering of swipe payment units

An image of a car with a graffiti wall behind it

Entertainment venues monitor crowds and identify unusual behavior

An image of the inside of a distribution center

Identify misplaced SKUs in warehouses


AI enables car and truck drivers to safely and efficently get from A to B. Emerging AI applications include driver alertness warnings, detection of children or pets left in the car after the driver has exited, smarter backup cameras, and many more.

A view from a dashboard camera in a car
A birds-eye view of a freeway

Next generation cars incorporate assistance to help with navigation and parallel parking

An image of a driver's window taken from a dashboard camera

Dashboard cameras provide valuable evidence for insurance claims and provide customized safe driving tips

A birds-eye view of a fleet of trucks

Fleets of trucks operate with greater safety and efficiency when drivers and vehicles can be monitored and activity can be understood


AI helps manufacturers build products with lower cost, higher quality and on a safer factory floor.

An image of a welder welding
A birds-eye view of a construction site

AI enabled equipment automates repetitive tasks such as counting and classifying items

An image of a SpaceX rocket

Quality control is automated to detect abnormalities and defects

Assembly line workers alerted to unsafe practices

We understand AI is new and AI at the edge is even newer.

An image of an engineer looking at a white board

With you at every stage in the process

Xnor Professional Services integrates AI into customer and partner products through all stages of the product life cycle:

Define the opportunity

Identify the best AI task to solve your problem

Collect and annotate training data

Quickly collect large volumes of quality data to train your model if you don’t have existing data

Generate an optimized model for your data and hardware

Iteratively develop your model, based on your hardware and optimized to the constraints you are optimizing for e.g. accuracy, memory, and speed.

Port model to your hardware

Our team of expert embedded engineers can port your Xnorized AI model to a range of hardware including CPUs, FPGAs, GPUs, accelerators, custom hardware.

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Deliver performance analytics

A range of analytics to measure how AI models are performing, such as accuracy, FPS, and power outputs.

Ongoing re-training and performance optimization

Our enterprise subscription service gives customers the option to add additional training data to further boost accuracy and performance.

Two engineers point at a electronic camera-enabled device

Trusted partner

Xnor is a trusted partner of global enterprises that are AI enabling their products. Our enterprise subscription service offers continuous improvements in AI performance and accuracy and 24x7 acess to Xnor’s team of experts to define and implement strategies where AI can make any product into a smart product. The subscription includes the development, refinement and continuous deployment of customized models, the management of proprietary data, and advice on guidance on your system integration efforts.

  • Platinum level support packages
  • Custom integrations
  • Protocols to handle proprietary data

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