AI Technology so Efficient it can be Powered by Solar


The First Ever Battery-Free AI Technology

Introducing a machine learning and computer architecture approach to delivering stunningly efficient AI technology that can operate independently from the cloud or a power source. This always-on technology creates new potential for AI to scale to more industries and across remote geographies.

Through the meticulous co-design of machine learning models and computer architecture, Xnor’s AI technology is now so power efficient it can run on-device at microjoules per inference.

This ultra-low power smart device communicates using low data rate wireless communication protocols specifically designed for IoT solutions. These communication bands consume orders of magnitude less energy than Wi-Fi and operate at a range of tens of kilometers. With Xnor’s AI at the Edge it’s possible to design:

Smart products that work out the box

Smart cities that can scale AI solutions effortlessly

Smart IoT solutions that can reach the most remote areas

A new wave of AI computing.

No wires. No batteries. So simple it can be installed with gum.

So lightweight it can be hung from a balloon.

Freedom from the Cloud

Xnor’s AI models are so efficient they can be run on-device without needing to send data or run inference in the cloud.

Always-On Performance

Now AI solutions can be installed and left to run independently and indefinitely. Xnor’s solar-powered AI stores light collected during the day, then uses it to power the system at night.

Radically Less Expensive

This ultra-light AI technology eliminates the need for expensive hardware or cloud-connectivity, so you can deploy low-powered solutions for single digit dollars.

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