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Peace of mind, without a piece of your pocket or privacy

Can a home be smart without wasting electricity, invading privacy and draining bandwidth? With Xnor’s on-device AI capabilities any consumer electronics device can become smarter, without jeopardising your customers’ budget or trust.

Excite customers with AI-powered experiences

Xnor’s edge AI models are so lightweight, they can be installed with a simple firmware update. The result is exciting features for your customers without the hassle and cost of new deployment.

Innovate at a fraction of the cost

Xnor’s AI models are faster, extremely power- and memory-efficient and virtually hardware agnostic. Easy to deploy, maintain, and update, they help you to bring new ideas to market faster than ever before.

Extend your brand & product value

With a wide range of Xnor AI models, you can transform your products into brand new solutions for customers and new revenue streams for your business.

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How we make it happen

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Capabilities & Scenarios

Person Detection and Individual Identification

Immediately notify customers if an unidentified person is lurking around their home. Or recognize a family member and let them in.

Personal Safety

Send an alert when an accident, like someone falling, occurs inside the home. Sound an alarm if a threatening behavior, such as holding a weapon, is detected.

Package Delivery Monitoring

Detect when packages are delivered to a doorstep so owners can make sure they are brought inside immediately.

Pet Detection

Monitor pets when they are outside or roaming around in places they shouldn’t. Avoid triggering notifications from irrelevant pet activity.

Making homes smarter and more secure

Unlike conventional solutions, Xnor’s AI at the Edge runs completely on-device, removing the need for expensive hardware or cloud computing resources. Our on-device models use less power, run faster, and are more secure than cloud-enabled solutions.

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