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With Xnor, any home security camera can deliver fast, intelligent alerts without relying on bandwidth or cloud resources. With our on-device AI, companies can offer smart home features without compromising cost, user experience, or privacy.


“I’m incredibly impressed with the breakthroughs you are making in focused AI... the benefit person detection brings to the Wyze Cam blows me away. It isn't just reducing the noise of needless motion alerts to the end user... [Xnor’s] approach, which I thought absolutely impossible, given the compute power of the camera, is fundamental to Wyze’s success. Getting this level of focused AI out to the edge on such a commodity device is completely game changing.” - Wyze User

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Innovate at a fraction of the cost

Easy to deploy and update, Xnor’s lightweight AI models can be installed with a simple firmware update on any hardware, allowing you to bring new ideas to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Excite customers with AI-powered experiences

With Xnor’s wide range of AI models and expertise, you can integrate a variety of compelling new features into your products that go beyond customer expectations.

Extend your brand & product value

Our on-device AI stands apart from other solutions on cost, performance and reliability. Features powered by Xnor will wow users, improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Xnor's Smart Home AI on Wyze

My Wyze V2 has been detecting folks out through a double pane glass successfully. Easily this product gives Arlo a run for it’s money.
Wyze FB community member
  • Capabilities & Scenarios

    Person Detection

    Immediately notify customers if a person is in or around their home and offer an easy way to see what people were doing in their home at a specific time.

    Familiar Face Recognition

    Recognize whether an individual is familiar or unfamiliar and respond accordingly.

    Personal Safety

    Send an alert when an accident, like someone falling, occurs at home. Sound an alarm if a threatening behavior, such as holding a weapon, is detected.

    Package Delivery Monitoring

    Detect when packages are delivered to a doorstep so owners can make sure they are brought inside immediately.

    Pet Detection

    Monitor pets when they are outside or roaming around in places they shouldn’t. Avoid triggering notifications from irrelevant pet activity.

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    Embedding a DNN on Wyze Cam

    Unlike conventional solutions, Xnor’s AI runs completely on-device, removing the need for expensive hardware or cloud computing resources. Our on-device models use less power, run faster, and are far more secure than cloud-enabled solutions.

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