AI for the Retail Industry

Better analytics and more immersive shopping experiences

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Inventory Management

Recognize if spots are empty on shelves so you can restock more efficiently. Data regarding product location in your store can be updated in real-time for your vendors as well.

Demographics Identification

Gather data on customer demographics such as sex or approximate age, by analyzing video feeds in realtime as customers shop in your store.

Person Tracking and Heat Mapping

Track customers as they move through your store. Create heatmaps to visualize traffic patterns, understand where people spend time, and test merchandising strategies.

Improved Surveillance

Identify dangerous weapons using advanced object detection. Recognize suspicious activity like taking an item from a shelf and running.

Customer Authentication

Speed up checkout by enabling payments using face recognition. Authenticate shoppers and make suggestions based on their historical buying preferences.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Determine a customer’s emotional response to a product display, in-store signage, or packaging to create valuable insights.

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Advanced computer vision capabilities for retail

Face recognition opens up a host of opportunities in retail from payments to access control. Xnor’s technology is the fastest and most secure, so your customers won’t need to worry about delays or having their data sent to a third party.

Real-time person detection delivers analytics for retailers to enhance security and know where people are in their stores. This can all be done at state-of-the-art speed and accuracy without needing to upgrade existing surveillance systems.

The Xnor Advantage


Run deep learning on commodity CPUs all the way up to cloud-based GPUs with our hardware agnostic solutions.


Run highly-accurate AI tasks in real-time, without the need for cloud-based resources.


Perform complex AI tasks 10x faster than AI solutions that require a GPU or neural accelerator.


Algorithms live and run on-device, so data doesn’t need to be sent in or out to a third party.

Power consumption

Xnor’s AI models are up to 30x more energy efficient than other solutions.


Safeguards are built into Xnor’s proprietary algorithms, so people can’t “spoof” or impersonate others.

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