The Next Generation of AI for Home Security

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Xnor uses the most advanced AI on embedded devices to make home security cameras smarter and more secure

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Xnor’s hyper-efficient computer vision capabilities run in real time on commodity processors. Unlike conventional solutions, Xnor’s AI at the Edge runs completely on-device, removing the need for expensive hardware or cloud computing resources. Our on-device models use less power, run faster, and are more secure than cloud-enabled solutions. Now your customers can keep their family and home safe, even with a battery-powered camera on the perimeter of their property with a slow internet connection.

Person Detection

Person Detection

Send a notification if someone is lurking around your home, while avoiding false positives like blowing leaves or a car driving by.

Smart and Secure Access

Use face recognition so smart doorbells can grant authorized individuals access to a home or trigger an alert when an unidentified individual is lingering at the doorstep.

Smart and secure access
Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection

Send alerts when unidentified vehicles enter private property. Visually authorize vehicles in order to automate opening a garage door or gate.

Personal Safety

Send an alert when an accident occurs inside the home such as someone falling. Sound an alarm when threatening behavior is detected, such as holding a weapon.

Theft Prevention
Package delivery monitoring

Package Delivery Monitoring

Use object detection in smart doorbells to identify packages that are left outside your door and avoid triggers from other objects.

Pet Detection

Monitor your pets when they are outside or roaming around in places they shouldn’t. Avoid triggering unnecessary notifications from pet activity.

Pet detection

Enhance security cameras with face recognition and person detection

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Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Xnor’s face recognition models run on any hardware, even commodity hardware like an Ambarella S5L camera. While conventional solutions require cloud resources or expensive processors, Xnor’s AI at the Edge delivers the highest performance on resource-constrained camera products.

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Person Detection

Person Detection

Xnor’s person detection models not only run faster than any other solution, they can do so in dim lighting without fancy camera hardware such as IR sensors. Best of all, our AI models are energy efficient and run completely on-device, so you can save energy and keep data secure by not constantly sending out notifications.

The Xnor Advantage


Algorithms live and run on-device, so data doesn’t need to be sent in or out to a third party.


Run deep learning on commodity CPUs all the way up to cloud-based GPUs with our hardware agnostic solutions.


Run highly-accurate AI tasks in real-time, without the need for cloud-based resources.


Xnor’s AI models are up to 30x more energy efficient than other solutions.


Safeguards are built into Xnor’s proprietary algorithms, so people can’t “spoof” or impersonate others.


Xnor’s models are so small that they require 15x less on-board memory than other solutions.

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