Stay in Stock, Stay in Sync with Xnor Retail Shelf Monitoring

Align Merchandising and Store Operations with Better Data

An Innovative Solution for an Age-Old Problem

Xnor’s real-time shelf monitoring service helps prevent out-of-stock items in your aisles with no store IT infrastructure, wiring, or Wi-Fi required. Just mount sensors on your shelves and get updates on shelf availability in real-time.

Xnor's shelf stock detector for grocery / retail.

Insights on Every Shelf

Store stock-outs are a persistent problem that undermine the customer experience and erode retail profits. Manual shelf audits are costly and impractical, and existing technology solutions have been too expensive and too complex to deploy at scale. 

Xnor’s breakthrough technology allows us to provide an end-to-end-service that finally makes up-to-the-minute shelf monitoring inexpensive and seamless. Our retail shelf monitoring solution uses wire-free sensor devices easily mounted on the edge of shelves to deliver real-time alerts for out-of-stock or low inventory items.

On-Device AI is the Key

By running Xnor’s advanced AI directly on our sensor, there is no need to transmit images off of the device for out-of-stock and low-inventory detection. On-device processing saves bandwidth, reduces power, and enhances privacy. The bandwidth savings means that we do not need store Wi-Fi, relying instead on low-bandwidth, low-cost cellular data offered by major carriers. The immense power savings mean that our small batteries can last for more than a year. 

Our innovative approach to continuous shelf monitoring allows us to operate at a fraction of the cost of grocery aisle robots or wired camera installations. 


Minimize out-of-stock and maximize sales yield

Real-time out-of-stock notifications help store associates prioritize their time and restock shelves faster.

Gain new actionable insights for improved efficiency

With planogram integration, ongoing shelf monitoring records out-of-stock hours for each SKU, giving retailers a new way to measure performance and improve efficiency of limited shelf space.

Improve planogram compliance

While no images are transmitted for continuous shelf monitoring, they can be captured daily, weekly, or as needed to assess planogram compliance, helping store operators and merchandisers stay in sync.

An End-to-End Service

As an end-to-end service, Xnor’s retail shelf monitoring solution integrates seamlessly with a retailer’s operations without adding extra complexity to their already dynamic environment. The service can be operational within only a few days for the entire store or for selected sections. And with no store power or IT infrastructure support required, running and maintaining the devices does not tax retailers’ resources.

A diagram of the Grocery Retail Shelf Detector

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Wire-free and low-power

Our state-of-the-art algorithms can run on battery-powered devices, operating at a fraction of the cost of grocery aisle robots or wired camera installations.

Operates without Wi-Fi

Our retail shelf monitoring solution does not need Wi-Fi and because the data analysis is conducted on the device, its impact on existing IT and cloud infrastructure is minimal.

Monitoring & alerts

Our low-power devices enable cost-effective monitoring. Receive alerts that help prioritize ordering and restocking, minimize out-of-stock hours and improve profitability of valuable shelf space.

Putting (the right) technology to work

In the face of new threats and evolving consumer preferences, grocery retailers must put technology to work. With the Xnor retail shelf monitoring service, merchants and retailers can finally get accurate and continuous shelf availability data that can help them sync up their operations, improve profitability and deliver a delightful customer experience.

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