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At Xnor, we have a deep passion for the work we are doing and the people we get to do it with. We embrace experimentation, risk taking, and collaboration as we seek to change the world for the better through Artificial Intelligence. In addition to our groundbreaking tech, we pride ourselves on being a Best Company to Work For.

Everyday we’re asking how we can do better in hiring a diverse workforce and fostering a culture of inclusion and advocacy. We’re asking how we can better support working families. And most importantly, we’re listening to feedback and letting it inform decisions it as we scale.

Our Principles

Who we are and the way we work


We value craftsmanship, problem solving, and delivering on our commitments. We aim to change the world by building products that matter to people.


We are experimental and iterative; we learn from each other, from thoughtful experimentation, and from creative successes and failures


We value teamwork, empathy, and promote active knowledge sharing. We are servant leaders; we push from behind and succeed together.


We trust our employees to be self-driven, autonomous, and to "act in Xnor's best interest"


We are transparent in our work, in sharing information, and in empowering our colleagues through enhanced visibility.

Diversity, Advocacy & Inclusion

For AI to benefit a diverse and inclusive population, it must be built by a diverse and inclusive team. We hire and promote people on the basis of their qualifications, performance, and abilities and are committed to developing a culture of inclusivity and advocacy ensuring that each individual is provided the space and agency to contribute to our team. 

Xnor strives to encourage and maintain a workplace that fosters trust, equality and teamwork in which all employees recognize and appreciate the diversity of individual team members.

Xnor at Women in Technology conference

AI Ethics

Xnor is actively engaging in conversations around the ethical implications of AI within our society through “ethics touchpoints” that exist within our normal working patterns. These touchpoints allow is to actively review specific AI use cases and make informed decisions without compromising the speed in which we operate as a start-up.

Supporting Families

At Xnor we support our people through the juggling act of being a parent and working at a high-growth startup. At Xnor we believe it's not the perks that get you through (although they help!) it’s the trust, empathy, and understanding of colleagues that have your back and support you in growing your family while together we grow our company.

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