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Enable AI at the Edge brings highly efficient AI to edge devices such as cameras, cars, drones, wearables and IoT devices. The Xnor platform allows product developers to run complex deep learning algorithms — previously restricted to the cloud — locally, on a wide range of mobile and low-energy devices. Founded in 2017 by the inventors of the YOLO real-time object detection.

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Visiting Xnor?

Xnor is located in the heart of Seattle’s historic Fremont neighborhood, just down the street form the iconic Fremont Troll. Once you arrive, head up to the 4th floor and we will be ready to greet you with a cup of coffee and breathtaking views of Lake Union


We have one reserved space (#20) in the building’s West-most parking garage for visitors, please check-in with our team coordinator if you would like to use this space. Seattle also has an abundance of pay-by-the-hour street parking options in the surrounding Fremont neighborhood; availability varies.