Advanced AI Analytics on Any Security System


Xnor's real-time person detection delivers the metadata you need to filter out the important events and improve security efforts. Xnor's technology can also run directly on your existing security infrastructure without the need for cloud services.

Run computer vision at the edge on IP cameras or Network Video Recorders

Xnor’s AI models for commercial security are faster and more secure than any other solution. Our technology can run directly on IP cameras or on central units such as a Network Video Recorder. Since analysis can be done without sending data in or out, you can benefit from advanced AI analytics in your preferred VMS while maintaining a high level of data privacy and security.

Person and Vehicle Detection

Easily analyze video feeds in your VMS that contain people and vehicles.

Identify individuals

Identify familiar and unfamiliar faces for access control systems and monitoring of secure areas.

Monitor Large Areas

Use multiple cameras to recognize and track and count individuals as they move through your facility - even across multiple buildings.

Learn more about enhancing your security products with Xnor’s AI on the Edge.

Why Xnor for home and commercial security?


Run deep learning on commodity CPUs all the way up to cloud-based GPUs with our hardware agnostic solutions.


Run highly-accurate AI tasks in real-time, without the need for cloud-based resources.


Perform complex AI tasks 10x faster than AI solutions that require a GPU or neural accelerator.


Xnor’s AI models are up to 30x more energy efficient than other solutions.


Safeguards are built into Xnor’s proprietary algorithms, so people can’t “spoof” or impersonate others.


Algorithms live and run on-device, so data doesn’t need to be sent in or out to a third party.