Be on the vanguard of something big

Be on the vanguard  of something big

Our technology and products are integrated into our customers' products, so we're not successful until they are. Our customers and partners love our technology because it helps them re-energize existing products and create new ones.

We rely on sales, business development and marketing people to help spread the word about Xnor and help customers and partners understand how they can benefit from our technology.

CTO- Mohammad Rategari, CEO- Ali Farhadi, and an engineer meet together

Ubiquitous AI has the potential to change the world, but the expense of AI deployment for everyday use — especially for IoT — has been cost prohibitive. Xnor has changed that. My goal is to accelerate the adoption and impact of AI. I genuinely believe that Xnor is one of the best places in the world to do that, and is certainly the best place in the world to do that for AI on the edge.

Ron Davis,
Head of Sales

Our sales team at Xnor are so immersed in the products they have even authored patents!

Sophie Lebrecht, PhD
Director of Operations

Salesperson pointing at the white board

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