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Our product team works with customers, developers, partners and our engineering team to conceive ways that Xnor technology can be embedded into everyday products. As a fast-paced startup we're looking for

product generalists that can wear different hats depending on the project, the stakeholders and lifecycle. You can be sure of giant challenges, amazing collaboration and the opportunity to make a huge impact.

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Xnor gives me an unique experience to solve difficult real world problems that span the full machine learning stack. Every day I learn something new from state of the art model design and training techniques to low-level optimization tricks for edge devices or anything in between. Xnor's strong culture of collaboration and learning has made amazing advances in AI possible.

Danny Tormoen,
Software Engineer

I joined Xnor because I believe for AI to empower people and change our lives it needs to live in devices.

Sophie Lebrecht, PhD,
Director of Operations

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