Software Development Engineer (Mobile)

ABOUT US brings state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to the edge. XNOR’s platform allows companies to run complex deep learning algorithms, formerly restricted to the cloud, locally on a range of devices including mobile phones, drones, and wearables. This new, highly scalable approach ensures complete privacy of data, eliminates the need for connectivity, and significantly reduces memory load and power demands, all without compromising accuracy or performance. XNOR is a venture-funded startup, founded on award-winning research conducted at the University of Washington and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. XNOR’s industry-leading technology is used by global corporations in aerospace, automotive, retail, photography, and consumer electronics.


As an engineer on the Xnor team specialized in mobile development, you will have the unique opportunity to be part of a startup with close ties to the research community at the University of Washington and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. You will be responsible for writing high-performance, well-tested, mobile code for Android and/or iPhone devices that can leverage platform-specific capabilities.  Our ideal team member is fearless when it comes to trying new things, is adept at reasoning about computer systems performance, and is willing to iterate on ideas. We value team members who can quickly prototype, iterating all the way to high-quality implementations.


  • Develop and maintain Xnor's core technology and tools for mobile applications
  • Develop relevant Computer Vision and ML skills
  • Work with Xnor’s customers and internal team to collect, distill, and translate customer requirements. Be a trusted voice in technical business development
  • Be a "Technical Detective", scoping, doing focused due diligence or strategic research
  • Build Proof-of-Concept ML models, device-specific code, and small model systems
  • Build showcase demos and "skunkworks" projects to highlight Xnor's technology
  • Communicate needs and feature requests directly with core and ML colleagues
  • Evangelize Xnor in academic conferences, hackathons, trade shows, and career fairs

Core Qualifications (an ideal candidate will have several or all):


  • BS, MS or Phd in Computer Science or related field
  • Practical software engineering experience, including familiarity with embedded or mobile systems and HW+SW projects


  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in general
  • Ability to distill complex concepts into accessible language for both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Ability to self-manage as appropriate, as well as communicate and prioritize project elements and requirements with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ability to develop specifications, scope and architect solutions, and direct colleagues as appropriate
  • Interest in further skill development across one or more relevant Product Engineering areas

Mobile-Specific skills

  • Expertise developing and shipping apps on Android and/or iOS devices
  • Experience with C++, Objective C, Swift, and/or Java
  • Knowledge of performance optimization for CPU and GPU, native APIs, camera and sensor control
  • Ideally, experience with performance optimization for multi-core CPUs, mobile GPUs

Preferred skills

  • Knowledge of physical imaging technologies, cameras and optics, and related SW, tools, and workflows. General familiarity of range of consumer and industrial camera capabilities.
  • Experience developing in Python
  • Knowledge of traditional CV technologies, proficiency with common libraries and approaches (e.g. OpenCV)
  • Experience in at least one deep learning framework (e.g., PyTorch, TensorFlow, Caffe).
  • Experience with embedded and/or IoT platforms, especially ARM CPUs
  • In-depth experience with Linux and Linux performance.
  • Interest in performance and system-level debugging
  • Experience with accelerator-based platforms (e.g. FPGA, DSP, GPU, NPU)


  • Competitive salaries and stock options
  • Comprehensive health care plan
  • Support for obtaining a visa through its immigration attorney, and pays the necessary expenses
  • Vacation policy/paid time off
  • Conference travel
  • Culture of learning
  • Healthy lunch and snacks
  • Regular team activities
  • Standing Desks
  • Waterfront views is proud to be an Equal Opportunity employer.

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