Take AI places it has never been before

Welcome to the team pushing
technology to the edge

An image of a person holding up a drone

We're building deep learning models as small as a couple photos on your phone and as fast as the eye can see, with the ability to run on a $5 device.

An engineer looking at a code on a computer screen with another screen highlighting his figure in real-time
Sophie, Mohammad, and Saman look at hardware together

Come to Xnor to do the best work of your career

Shifting AI from the cloud to the edge is hard. This level of innovation demands vision, courage, and commitment. At Xnor we never settle. We strive for efficiency in all areas of our work - from designing meeting structures to building neural networks.

We stand by the importance of sticking with hard problems. As a team, we are always willing to help, but look for people who are committed to figuring things out.

Our momentum is a result of the deep collaboration between hardware, software, research, design, and our business teams.

Benefits and perks

Be healthy
  • 100% coverage of comprehensive health, vision, dental plans
  • Unlimited Flexible Time Off
  • Gym membership
  • Bike racks and transit cards
Learn everyday
  • Education stipend
  • Support for writing patents and papers
  • Support for attending conferences
Invest in your future
  • Competitive salary and stock option packages
  • 401K
  • Visa support

We help working families succeed

At Xnor we support our people through the juggling act of being a parent and working at a high-growth startup. We don’t give you money to freeze your eggs, but we do give you time off to have babies while your eggs are fresh! At Xnor we believe it's not the perks that get you through (although they help!) it’s the trust, empathy, and understanding of colleagues that have your back and support you in growing your family while together we grow our company.

  • Child's birthday day off
  • Unlimited FTO to cover the maternity and paternity leave you need
  • Emergency daycare program
  • Flexible schedules
  • Support for nanny travel
  • Health, vision, and dental coverage for dependents
An employee works while her child plays

For AI to benefit a diverse and inclusive population, it must be built by a diverse and inclusive team.

At Xnor we're building a community of mutual respect, where diverse talents and voices can learn from each other.