Artificial Intelligence for the Automotive Industry


AI-enabled vehicles: from cars that go to cars that know

Xnor’s AI solutions deliver exceptional performance - even while running on a commodity processor without an internet connection. Reduce the cost of innovation and delight customers by offering safety, security and convenience features like these:


Notify drivers of objects or people around the perimeter of the vehicle to improve features like back-up cameras

Passenger Safety

Detect when passengers enter the vehicle and fasten seatbelts; or alert the driver if a small child is left behind.

Driver Monitoring

Use an in-dash camera to monitor driver blink rate and detect which direction they’re looking. Send an alert if the driver is falling asleep, or if their attention isn’t focused on the road.

Luxury Features

Recognize a driver’s face to automatically adjust settings such as the position of the seat and steering column, the interior temperature and infotainment system settings - all before the driver even sits down.

Detect Forgotten Items

Use object detection to immediately notify passengers or drivers when keys, wallets, phones or other personal items are left inside the vehicle.

Vehicle Access

Authenticate a driver’s identity to control alarm systems, unlock doors, and set other preferences. Recognize people who do not have permission to enter the vehicle and prevent them from entering.

Fleet Management

Identify spills or other objects in your fleet of shared-use or rental vehicles so you can efficiently maintain the quality of your vehicles.

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The Xnor Advantage


Run highly-accurate AI tasks in real-time, without the need for cloud-based resources.


Perform complex AI tasks 10x faster than AI solutions that require a GPU or neural accelerator.


Algorithms live and run on-device, so data doesn’t need to be sent in or out to a third party.


Xnor’s AI models are up to 30x more energy efficient than other solutions.


Xnor’s models are so small that they require 15x less on-board memory than other solutions.


Run deep learning on commodity CPUs all the way up to cloud-based GPUs with our hardware agnostic solutions.

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