We are building a future
where smart devices improve
how we work, live, and play.

We believe in a world where the power of AI is available in billions of products, for everyone. For too long AI has been limited, preventing it from being used in everyday devices. That’s because traditional AI runs mainly in the cloud, uses massive data centers, consumes a lot of processing power, and needs internet connectivity.

Our patented technology has upended traditional AI, resulting in billions of devices and products being AI-optimized -- from battery operated cameras, to complex manufacturing machinery, and cars.

We help customers and partners add AI functionality to their products, powering a new generation of smart products for existing and new markets.

We call this AI everywhere, on every device, and it’s the beginning of something truly transformational that’s already reshaping how we live, work and play.

Our story

Ali Farhadi and Mohammad Rastegari

Early Research

Xnor Founders Ali Farhadi and Mohammad Rastegari research how to make deep learning efficient at the Paul Allen Institute for AI

They discovered that you can convert convolutional neural networks into binary neural networks and preserve performance

A new way to run deep learning at the edge is born


  • Ali Farhadi and Mohammad Rastegari published Xnor-Net in ECCV2016
  • Team spins Xnor-Net technology out of Ai2
  • Xnor.ai is founded

XNOR's mission is to remove barriers that prevent the widespread use of AI in everyday devices. Our ‘AI everywhere, on every device’ technology eliminates the need for internet connectivity, runs on inexpensive hardware platforms and eliminates latency inherent in traditional cloud based AI systems.

Ali Farhadi, Founder

Madrone Venture Group

Close $2.6M Seed round led by Madrona


Ali, Mohammad and their team are creating the technologies that will enable the next big innovation in AI - intelligence and computing at the edge. These edge devices need immediate intelligence to operate efficiently and intelligently.

Matt McIlwain, Managing Director
Madrona Venture Group

  • Pioneering customers adopt Xnor technology
  • Xnor continues to radically advance model performance over open source software
Madrona,  Autotech Ventures, Nokia Growth Partners, and Catapult Ventures

Close $12M series A with Madrona, Autotech Ventures, Nokia Growth Partners, and Catapult Ventures to scale business.

AI is becoming an integral component in the transportation industry. Xnor's lightweight algorithms will enable "AI on the edge" for a broad range of applications, from cars to fleet management, to smart infrastructure.

Alexei Andreev
Managing Director, Autotech Ventures



Announces partnership with leading silicon company, Ambarella

  • Xnor launches program to develop efficient FPGA solution for AI
  • Xnor expands customer base to offer custom solutions for home security, entertainment, and automotive
Jon Gelsey, CEO of Xnor
  • Jon Gelsey joins Xnor from Auth0, which under his leadership as CEO went from a few engineers working out of their living rooms to a leading global identity-as-a-service provider. Before Auth0, Jon was responsible for acquisitions and investments at Microsoft, was a venture investor at Intel Capital, and was product manager for the most successful product line in Mentor Graphics' history, Calibre. Jon started his career as an IC designer and CPU architect for supercomputer company Convex Computer, acquired by HP in 1995.